Why Choose International Seminary - page imageWhy Choose International Seminary?

You can complete your bachelors, masters or doctoral degree without leaving the ministry. Over 20,000¬†students have taken advantage of International Seminary’s directed home studies program. At a time when over 40% of all college studies are being completed through home studies, International Seminary is on the cutting edge of non-traditional education.

We offer credit for life experience using formulas designed to equate life experience into college credit hours. A minister with five or more years of ministry can receive college credit for ministerial experience. As well, International Seminary accepts credits from other bible colleges, training institutes, and secular colleges. All of your credits can be brought together and evaluated toward the completion of your degree.

International Seminary maintains an active ministerial association with more than 350 members representing a constituency of almost 50,000 church members. The association provides ecclesiastical endorsement for military, law enforcement, and industrial chaplains; placement and referral services for ministers; as well as other support activities. We are an interdenominational college with graduates representing more than 61 different denominations or faith groups in 78 foreign countries.

Most importantly, International Seminary is committed to providing a quality education. We are student centered. One student commented that, “At the other college I was doing research for my professor’s new book – now I am doing something that benefits me.”¬† International Seminary offers an amazing education at affordable prices. No other non-traditional seminary offers as much academic support, excellent student services, or recognition and acceptance of degrees at any price.