Current Events

2015 Commencement

The 2015 Annual Commencement is just around the corner.  On June 26, graduates from all over the U.S. and from several foreign countries will gather in Lake Mary, Florida to celebrate the completion of their academic programs.  There are several events scheduled such as the Alumni Association Graduation Banquet, and a Satellite Class Seminar, but the main event will be the commencement program itself.  Our commencements are well-known for providing not only a personalized recognition of each graduate, but for being exciting and spiritually uplifting for the graduates and the hundreds of visitors who have come to celebrate with their family member or friend.


Note To Our Alumni

International Seminary would like to share your personal testimony on our website.  If you are a graduate, and have a testimony that you would allow to be used (in part or in whole) here on our website, in our catalog, or in other promotions, please send it in an email to Be sure to give your name, the name of your church or organization, and the degree you earned through International.

We also want to share your blessings with other graduates. If your degree from International has helped you in securing a job or a promotion, or if you’ve received special recognition in any way (published a book, received an award, etc.), you can send that information in an email to . Again, be sure to give your name and the degree you earned through International. We are proud of the incredible blessings many of our graduates have received, and we would like to share them on this site.


New Catalog

We are proud to release our new 2015 Seminary Catalog.  It has been completely revamped and updated.  Of particular interest is the “Frequently Asked Questions” section at the back.