Why International Seminary?

Eighteen Reasons Why International Seminary Is Your Best Choice

1.        YOU CAN COMPLETE YOUR BACHELOR, MASTER, OR DOCTORAL DEGREE WITHOUT LEAVING THE MINISTRY.  More than 18,000 students have taken advantage of International Seminary’s directed home studies program.  At a time when 40% of all college studies are being completed through home studies, International Seminary is on the cutting edge of non-traditional education.

2.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY OFFERS CREDIT FOR LIFE EXPERIENCE.  Using formulas designed to equate life experience learning into college credit hours, the minister with five or more years of ministry can receive college credit for ministerial experience.

3.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY ACCEPTS CREDITS FROM OTHER BIBLE COLLEGES, training institutes, and secular colleges.  All your credits can be brought together and evaluated toward the completion of a degree.

4.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY MAINTAINS AN ACTIVE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION with primary goals of fellowship and fund raising for scholarships.

5.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY MAINTAINS A MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION with more than 500 members in 44 states of the United States of America.  The association provides ecclesiastical endorsement for military, law enforcement, and industrial chaplains; placement and referral services for ministers; as well as other support activities.

6.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY IS DEBT FREE.  At a time when many accredited colleges are going defunct, this issue is of great concern to many potential students.  In the last fifteen years, more than 100 colleges have gone out of business in the state of Florida as a result of financial instability.

7.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY USES STANDARD TEXTBOOKS and not video tapes.  Research indicates that video learning is one of the least effective modes of education.  One student remarked, “The only thing worse than a boring 45 hour lecture course is a video of a boring 45 hour lecture course.”  Futhermore, in 1991, the Department of Education ruled that video taped instruction is not suitable for degree level learning.

8.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY MAINTAINS A MODEST 40 ACRE CAMPUS in Central Florida.  Studies show that maintaining a large campus can drive up the cost of tuition by 400% while not increasing the quality of education.

9.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY MAINTAINS A SATELLITE CLASS DIVISION – whereby the local church can offer our diploma programs (Pr.Dip, Pr.Adv., and Th.G.) in their local area, providing ministerial training for their leaders, theological studies for their lay people, and a financial benefit to the church.

10.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY CONDUCTS AN ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT in Central Florida each year.  Graduates from across the United States and around the world converge on Central Florida for one of the most beautiful and inspiring commencements in America.  The 1992 commencement speaker was  Dr. Bill Bright, Founder and President of Campus Crusade for Christ, the world’s largest ministry.

11.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY IS OPEN THE ENTIRE YEAR with no summer delays in your education.  The faculty and staff process enrollments and completions almost every day of the year, with no long summer breaks or extended holidays to interfere with your schedule.  One student stated, “It took the other seminary 12 weeks to send a transcript, while International responded in just a few days.”

12.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY IS AN INTERDENOMINATIONAL COLLEGE with graduates representing more than 61 different denominations or faith groups in 75 foreign countries.  International is a truly ecumenical seminary.

13.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY CREDITS AND DEGREES ARE HIGHLY RECOGNIZED – Our graduates have been accepted into hundreds of colleges, including a number of regionally-accredited colleges.  Our graduates have been accepted into every area of ministry, including chaplaincy in the United States Military.

14.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY ALUMNI INCLUDE A NUMBER OF PASTORS WITH CONGREGATIONS OF 2,500 OR MORE; numerous authors and Bible scholars; presidents, deans, and professors of other colleges; prison, police, and military chaplains; denominational officials; missionaries; evangelists and other church leaders.  One graduate is the pastor of the second largest church in the world with 140,000 members.

15.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY OFFERS A QUALITY EDUCATION AT AFFORDABLE PRICES.  No other non-traditional seminary offers as much academic support, excellent student services, or recognition and acceptance of degrees at any price.

16.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY IS STUDENT CENTERED.  One student made this comment, “At the other college I was doing research for my Professor’s new book – now I’m doing something that benefits me.”

17.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY IS COMMITTED TO SCRIPTURE as the final authority in all matters of seminary policy and theology.

18.        INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY IS RELEVANT.  Eighty percent of what is taught at other Bible colleges and seminaries is never used again.  International focuses on the twenty percent that is relevant.  What you learn you put into practice the next Sunday.