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Diploma – Practical Theology

“Be Successful in Your Ministry”

Practical Theology …

The Diploma of Practical Theology is awarded to students who successfully complete the 30 credit hour
course titled “Be Successful In Your Ministry I.” This proven and effective program is a condensed two
year course of study designed for ministers, teachers, Bible students, youth leaders, lay leaders, and
other Christian workers. It is designed especially for those who are entering the Gospel ministry; however,
many seasoned ministers take it as a refresher course.

Prerequisites …

A high school diploma or the equivalent is required for college credit; however, those without a high
school diploma may take the course for personal enrichment (without college credit).

Tuition …

Current tuition cost – $1,045.00

For payment plan options, see our Tuition Payment Plan form

Courses …

Listed below are the subjects covered:

HO 101 – Homiletics
CD 101 – Doctrines of the Bible
CD 110 – Thanatology
BI 101 – Bible Translations
CD 111 – Dispensations
CH 101 – Early Church History
CD 112 – Eschatology
CD 113 – Tripartition of Man
CD 102 – Spiritual Gifts
PA 101 – Church Growth and Evangelism