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Academic Policies

Academic Evaluations

Prospective students interested in a preliminary evaluation to determine their standing are encouraged to call the Seminary at (407) 886-3619, or complete the online evaluation form found by requesting information from our main page.  The evaluation provides the potential student with a clear idea of the level in which he would enter, and specific guidelines for enrollment in that program.

Notice Of Non-Discrimination

International Seminary admits students of any race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin to all the privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to seminary students.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin.


Admission to International Seminary is based upon the character, ability, and motivation to satisfactorily complete the academic requirements.  It also depends on the Christian experience, call to ministry, and moral character of the individual.  Students must maintain personal integrity, respect and tolerance for those from other Christian faith groups, a desire for spiritual growth, and a readiness to accept correction.

All degree-seeking applicants must have a high school diploma, GED, or the equivalent.  Overseas applicants must have graduated from secondary (leaving) school or have successfully completed the GCE examination.

Enrollment Procedure

Specific information and enrollment materials can be obtained on campus or are mailed upon request to prospective students.  All official enrollments require the following:

1.        A completed Student Information and Evaluation Form.
2.        A completed Tuition Payment Plan/Enrollment Form.
3.        Validation of high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
4.        Official transcripts of all college studies (mailed to International directly from the college).
5.        A recent photograph.
6.        The enrollment fee.

Upon receipt of these items, a student file will be processed and complete instructions for beginning studies will be sent.  All applications are subject to the approval of the Admissions Office.

Life-Experience Credits

Applicants with substantial ministerial experience (more than five years in a recognizable position in the church) may receive advanced-standing credits based upon their life experience.  Life-experience credits are not automatic, and substantial proof of the learning obtained through life experience must be submitted.  This type of credit may be awarded only on certain bachelor and master degree programs.  No diplomas or degrees can be awarded based purely upon life-experience credit.  A minimum number of credit hours must be completed through International Seminary for the awarding of any diploma or degree.  An estimate of life-experience credits is given at the time of academic evaluation, but must be validated using the Seminary Credit Assessment Form (available upon request).

Transfer Credits

International Seminary accepts transfer credits from approved colleges for courses on which a grade of C or better was earned.  The student must submit official transcripts sent directly from the college to International.  Acceptance of transfer credit is subject to the approval of the Admissions Office.  The Seminary routinely deals with transfer students whose credits or degrees were earned from non-accredited colleges (especially overseas), or from colleges that are no longer in existence.  Every effort is made to provide recognition for these studies.  Contact the Admissions Office if you have questions concerning your previous studies.

Credit By Examination

Qualified applicants who have a minimum of five years of active, ministerial experience, are eligible to apply for credit through examination.  Eligibility is determined at the time of academic evaluation.

Minimum Of Required Courses

Even though students often apply to International with numerous life experience and/or transfer credits, a minimum number of semester credit hours must be completed through International for the awarding of any diploma or degree.  This is considered at the time of academic evaluation and is determined by the degree level, the student’s major, and the nature of the credit hours being transferred.  For instance, one pastor of a very large church entered International with more than 300 earned, accredited, transfer credits, and only an Associate of Arts degree.  Having taken and passed most courses offered in Bible College, an individualized study program was designed by International for the completion of his degrees.  For more information or an academic evaluation, contact the seminary office.

Transcripts Of Credits

A transcript of credit will be issued by the Registrar’s Office upon receipt of a written, signed request from the student.  Students receive a “student copy” of the transcript at the completion of their program.  Official transcripts are those sent directly from International Seminary to another college or authorized agency.  Transcripts are not issued until all academic and financial requirements have been fulfilled.  Official transcripts or additional student copies are available at the cost of $5.00 per transcript.

Dismissal Policy

The Seminary reserves the right at any time to place on probation, suspend, or dismiss a student whose academic standing, financial obligation, progress, or conduct is not satisfactory.


Re-admission after suspension or academic probation is never automatic.  The student must apply for re-admission through the Admissions Office, subject to the approval of the Board of Regents.  If re-admission is granted, the student must re-enroll in the program, subject to the rates and requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment.

Seminary Honor Code

Professionals with the highest of responsibilities as students of the ministry, are required by society and God to show a level of integrity that is beyond reproach.

There are two reasons an Honor Code is needed:
1.        There should be a sense of satisfaction that you have done what is Biblical correct.
2.        There should be a recognition that people around you see and know that you are Christian in all you say and do.

Integrity Starts In The Classroom!

Lying is making an assertion which intentionally deceives or misleads.  This deceitful assertion may be oral, written, or clearly communicated by a gesture.
Your responsibility for the truth goes beyond what is said or written.  It includes what is understood and perceived by others.

Stealing is defined as intentionally depriving someone else of property or service without permission.

Cheating is defined as attempting or aiding in the attempt to receive undeserved credit or to give an unfair advantage.
The essence of cheating is the act of deceiving an instructor into thinking that some piece of work is your own, when in fact, it is not.

At all times and in all situations the student will conduct himself in a Christ-like manner.  This applies to both classroom and personal situations.  At all times you must reflect the values a minister of Christ would hold, at home, work, recreation, and in the classroom.

All students of International Seminary are required to sign and abide by the Seminary Honor Code or they may be dismissed from the program.

Correspondence Courses

International offers two correspondence courses titled “Be Successful In Your Ministry I” and “Be Successful In Your Ministry II.”  In this mode of study, written lessons with reading assignments and homework are provided to the student.  Grades are based upon examinations given during the course of study.

Directed Home Study Courses

Similar to independent study courses at most universities, the student is given a course syllabus, a list of primary and alternative textbooks, and instructions for beginning studies.  After completing the reading and study assignments, a research paper is submitted for evaluation and grading.  Standard college and seminary textbooks are used and can be purchased through the Seminary Bookstore.


Students who complete their academic programs with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.8 or above, graduate “Magna Cum Laude” (Latin meaning with high honors), while those with a grade point average of 4.0 graduate “Summa cum Laude” (with highest honors).  Graduating with honors is noted on the official transcript, and indicated on the degree diploma by a gold bar beneath the title of the degree.


Each year in June, International Seminary conducts commencement exercises in Central Florida.  Participation is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.  The student must complete all financial and academic requirements and be registered for commencement by April 1.  Registration is not automatic; however, registration forms are available by February of each year.  If the student completed studies during the summer, fall or winter, and has already received the official degree certificate, a commemorative certificate, suitable for framing, will be presented at the ceremony.  Souvenir hoods, caps and gowns are used, and ample opportunities for photographs with professors, administrators and peers are available.  There is a registration fee for participation in commencement.


Textbooks are selected for their academic value and non-sectarian doctrinal stances.  The Seminary Bookstore carries a wide selection of textbooks used in all academic programs, and students are encouraged to make use of the Bookstore throughout their studies.  The cost of textbooks is not included in the tuition, and a current list of books and their prices is available through the Bookstore.  Students are allowed to utilize textbooks written by their own denominational writers with the approval of the Seminary.

Grading System

International Seminary uses the following grading system:

Excellent:  94% – 100%
A+     4.0
A        3.8
A-       3.6
B+      3.4
Good:  85% – 93%
B        3.0
B-       2.6
C+      2.4
Average:  76% – 84%
C        2.0
C-       1.6
D+     1.4
Poor:  70% – 75%
D        1.0
Not Acceptable:  < 70%
F        0.0

Note:  On some graduate and all post-graduate programs, only 3.0 (B) work and above is counted toward degree requirements.


International Seminary maintains a small but adequate library on campus.  Students also have access to some of the largest library systems in the world, including many public, college, university, and seminary, and online libraries.

Honorary Degrees

The honorary degree is typically awarded to outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to Christianity or to the awarding college.  International Seminary awards no more than five honorary degrees per year.  The selection process is extremely tedious and candidates must be nominated by a member of the Alumni or Board of Regents.  The honorary degree is normally awarded during commencement.