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Administration and Staff

Dr. Daniel James Tyler President

Dr. Daniel James Tyler

Dr. Bruce Clark Academic Dean

Dr. Bruce Clark
Academic Dean

Rev. Tim Tyler Director of External Studies

Rev. Tim Tyler
Director of External Studies

Dr. Cloretha James Professor

Dr. Cloretha James



International Seminary faculty members are selected for their success in ministry, academic background, and concern and care for students. Contrary to the opinion of some educators, International prefers to select faculty who hold degrees from International, just as Fortune 500 companies and the military services prefer to train their own leaders.  Following is a list of current and recent faculty, including Satellite Class Supervisors.

Rev. David Adenodi, Adjunct Faculty, Maryland.

Dr. Timothy Agbeja, Adjunct Faculty, California.

Pastor Raymond Alston, Adjunct Faculty, South Carolina. Th.G & Th.M., Christian Bible College.

Dr. G. Llewellyn Armstrong, Adjunct Faculty, New York. B.A., University of West Indies; B.D. University of London; M.A. & M.Ed., Columbia University; Th.D., International Seminary.

Pastor Aqueela As-Salaam, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. Bachelor, International Seminary; M.Div.

Samantha Bell, Adjunct Faculty.

Pastor Howard Bennett, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.S., M.A.Rev. Linda Blum, Adjunct Faculty, Vermont. B.R.Ed., International Seminary; Th.M. Sweetwater Bible College.

Dr. Donald O. Brewer, Dean Emeritus, Florida. Th.B., International Seminary; M.S., Church of God School of Theology; Th.D., Ph.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Leotha Brockington, Adjunct Faculty, District of Columbia. B.S., Potomac College.

Rev. Paul Burnes, Adjunct Faculty, Maryland. B.A.; B.S.; M.A., Global University.

Rev. Melvin Burton, Adjunct Faculty, Michigan.

Pastor Yolanda Butler, Adjunct Faculty, Texas. B.A., International Seminary.

Dr. Donald Brett, Adjunct Faculty, Georgia. B.S.; B.S., Master, & Th.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Al Capers, Adjunct Faculty, South Carolina. Th.B., International Seminary.

Rev. Carlos Carrillo, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. Bachelor.

Pastor Beatrice Carswell, Adjunct Faculty, Florida.

Pastor Patricia Carter, Adjunct Faculty, Nevada. Bachelor.

Pastor Mae Chester, Adjunct Faculty, Florida.

Ruth Clahar, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. Bachelor, Barry University.

Dr. Bruce Clark, Professor, Florida. B.A., North Central University; M.Div., Assembly of God Theological Seminary; D.Min., Luther Rice Seminary.

Rev. Levi Clarke, Adjunct Faculty, Ontario, Canada. B.R.Ed, M.Min.C.C.

Pastor Ron Colangelo, Adjunct Faculty, New York.

Dr. Elindra Coleman, Adjunct Faculty, South Carolina. B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Rev. Anthony Cubello III, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.A., International Seminary.

Pastor Norman DaCosta, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.S.

Pastor Gabriel S. Dada, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. Th.B., Th.M.

Dr. Barbara Daubon, Adjunct Faculty, Jamaica.

Rev. Myron Davis, Adjunct Faculty, Virginia.

Sylvia Davis, Adjunct Faculty, North Carolina. B.Ed.

Dr. Willie Davis, Assistant Professor, Florida. B.S., Bethune-Cookman; M.Min., International Seminary.

Dr. Pearline Donalds, Adjunct Faculty.

Pastor Janice Flowers, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. Th.B.

Bishop Gregory L. Fly, Adjunct Faculty, Ohio. Th.B.

Pastor Lou Franks, Adjunct Faculty, Texas. Ph.D.

Rev. Joseph Frierson, Adjunct Faculty, North Carolina. B.S.

Rev. Sezra Gay, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.S. & M.A., Webster University.

Rev. Johanna E. Gilyard-Tooley, Florida. B.A.

Dr. Wendell Grant, Adjunct Faculty, Virginia

Rev. Ronald Gree, Adjunct Faculty, New Jersey.

Dr. James Guth, Professor, Florida. B.S., Salisbury University; Ed.D., North Carolina State University.

Alicia Halstead, Adjunct Faculty, Florida.

Pastor Mark Hancock, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. M.A., University of Central Florida, M.A., Cornerstone University.

Pastor Hazel Hardy, Adjunct Faculty, District of Columbia. B.A., M.S.T, D.S.T.

Rev. Steve Harrell, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.S.

Hope Harris, Adjunct Faculty, California.

Rev. Steve Harvell, Adjunct Faculty, Deleware. B.S., M.Div.

Pastor Andrew Hawk, Adjunct Faculty, Michigan. B.A.

Pastor Donald Hayes, Adjunct Faculty, Texas. B.Min., International Seminary; M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Rev. Jacquelyn Hodges, Adjunct Faculty, California. B.S.

Dr. Thomas Hudson, Adjunct Faculty, Washington. B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Cheryl Jackson, Adjunct Faculty, Washington. B.A.

Rev. Charlie Jackson, Adjunct Faculty.

Dr. Cloretha James, Professor, Florida.

Mercedes Johnson, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.S.

Pastor Willie Johnson, Adjunct Faculty, Georga. B.S., B.B.S, M.B.S., D.B.S., Ph.D.

Pastor Dominique Joseph, Adjunct Faculty, Florida.

Rev. Gary Kerr, Adjunct Faculty, Georgia. B.S., Southern Illinois University.

Pastor Ronald King, Adjunct Faculty, New Jersey. B.S., Geneva College.

Bishop Derrick Kitson, Adjunct Faculty, Jamaica. Th.B.

Rev. C. Horace Kitson, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. Th.B.

Rev. Dan Livingston, Adjunct Faculty, Florida.

Pastor Samuel Lockhart, Jr., Adjunct Faculty, Ohio. M.Div.

Pastor Willie Love, Adjunct Faculty, Indiana. Th.B., International Seminary.

Rev. Lovengsky Miracle, Adjunct Faculty, Orlando. Th.B., International Seminary.

Benjamin MaCarthy, Adjunct Faculty, Indiana. M.S.

Dr. Joeann H. Malone, Adjunct Faculty, Georgia. B.A., International Seminary; B.S., Shorter College; M.A. and Ph.D., International Seminary.

Pastor Evangeline Matthews, Adjunct Faculty, New Jersey. B.A. & M.S.W., Rutgers State University.

Dr. Cherie McCoy, Professor, Florida. Th.B., M.A., Ph.D., International Seminary.

Bishop Leroy McDuffie, Sr., Adjunct Faculty, Maryland. Th.B., International Seminary.

Minister Darlene McFadden, Adjunct Faculty, Maryland. M.A., M.S.

Constance McIntyre, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.A., Florida Int. University; M.F.A., Florida State University; Doctorate, Jacksonville Seminary.

Dr. Bishop McMiller Sr., Adjunct Faculty, Florida. Th.M., Th.D.

Pastor Mary Gayle McPherson, Adjunct Faculty, Connecticut. Th.B., International Seminary.

Rev. Anneese McRae, Adjunct Faculty, New Jersey. B.S.

Pastor Joshua Mercier, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.A., Florida Int. Unversity.

Susan Meeker, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.A., Barry University.

Dr. Larry Mills, Adjunct Faculty, Orlando. B.R.Ed., Bethany Bible College; Th.M., Th.D., Bethany Theological Seminary.

Rev. Alvin C. Moore, Adjunct Faculty, Washington. B.Rel.

Dr. Cliff Morris, Adjunct Faculty, Orlando. B.S., M.Ed., Th.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Horace Morson, Adjunct Faculty, Massachusetts. Ph.D.

Pastor Truthelle Nelson, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.B.A., Edward Waters College.

Bishop Emmitt Nevels, Adjunct Faculty, Ohio. Th.B.

Dr. Alvin J. Noel, Adjunct Faculty, Louisiana. B.B., M.A., Th.D.

Pastor Rich O’Brian, Adjunct Faculty, Montana. B.S., Samford University.

Dr. Paul. L. Olson, Adjunct Faculty, Arizona. Th.B., International Seminary; D.D., International Divinity.

Pastor Terry Parker, Adjunct Faculty, Texas. B.A., M.A.

Rev. Steve Parrish, Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Margaret Payton, Adjunct Faculty, New Jersey. Th.B., M.R.Ed., D.D., International Seminary.

Dr. Carolyn Pittman, Adjunct Faculty, Alabama. Ph.D.

Dr. Harvey Pittman, Academic Dean. B.G.S., University of Nebraska; M.A., Wright State University; M.A., International Seminary; Ph.D., International Seminary.

Norma Robinson, Adjunct Faculty, North Carolina. B.S. & M.A. Fayetteville State University.

Rev. Ronald L. Russell, Adjunct Faculty, New York.

Dr. Clary Samuels, Adjunct Faculty, South Carolina.

Rev. Dennis Shearer, Adjunct Faculty, Ohio. Th.B., M.Min., International Seminary.

Christina Sims-Smith, Adjunct Faculty, North Carolina. B.S. & M.S., East Carolina University.

Dr. Roger Siratt, Adjunct Faculty, Texas.

Levon Smalls, Adjunct Faculty, South Carolina.

Pastor Frank Smith, Adjunct Faculty, Texas. Th.B., BS.M., M.Ed.

Rev. Bruno Spada, Adjunct Faculty, Connecticut.

Rev. Bryson Sprague, Adjunct Faculty, Oklahoma. Th.B. International Seminary.

Rev. Johnathan Stephans, Adjunct Faculty, New York. Bachelor, International Seminary.

Pastor Robert Stringer, Adjunct Faculty, Ohio. Th.M. International Seminary.

Rev. Ivory Swann, Adjunct Faculty, North Carolina.

Rev. David L. Tanyhill, Jr., Adjunct Faculty, New York.

Bishop Larry Taylor, Sr., Adjunct Faculty, Florida.

Dr. Michael C. Taylor, Jr., Adjunct Faculty, Mississippi. B.Bus., Mississippi State University.

Dorothy G. Thomas, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.A.

Pastor Mike Thompson, Adjunct Faculty, Oregon. Th.B., International Seminary.

Dr. Daniel J. Tyler, Professor. B.R.Ed., International Seminary; B.S., Rollins College; M.A., Liberty Christian College; D.Min., North Florida Baptist Seminary.

Rev. Timothy D. Tyler, Instructor. Th.B. International Seminary.

Pastor Juanita Vereen, Adjunct Faculty, Florida. B.S., Albany State College.

Rev. Sammy Wade, Adjunct Faculty, South Carolina. B.S., M.Div., M.B.S.

Bishop Owen Walker, Adjunct Faculty, Florida.

Cymantha White, Adjunct Faculty, Michigan. B.S.

Delfene Williams, Adjunct Faculty, Surry, England. B.R.Ed.

Dr. Jack Wilson, Adjunct Faculty, Virginia.

Pastor Harold Wright, Jr., Adjunct Faculty, Louisiana. B.Rel., Th.D.