Seven Divisions of International Seminary

The seven divisions of International Seminary involve a network of over 100 people working together to serve the needs of students and alumni around the world.  The Seminary is committed to serving students, not only while actively pursuing a course of study, but for many years after graduation as well.

The Alumni Association

The two primary goals of the Alumni Association are to provide opportunities for fellowship between alumni and to raise scholarship funds for needy students.  Alumni membership is open to anyone ever enrolled in any degree or diploma program.  There are more than 20,000 alumni in 78 countries throughout the world.

Campus Development

After several years of meeting in church facilities and a rental complex, a 40-acre lakefront orange grove, located on a major highway adjacent to an airport, was purchased for development of the Seminary campus.  Developments have been made as God supplied the funds, and continual progress is evident in all areas.  Campus development is an on-going process which includes the construction of additional classroom space, recreational areas, meeting and retreat facilities, and pavilions with varying spiritual emphasis.

The Church Division

New Vision Community Church, the campus church of International Seminary, was started based on the need for a refreshing, vibrant, interdenominational church in the northwest portion of Orange County.  From the beginning, the goal has been to have high-quality praise & worship, and anointed and gifted teaching, all within an atmosphere of love, through caring people.  Through multiple, identical Sunday morning services, we pursue our mission to turn unchurched people into genuine followers of God.  We believe the local church truly is the hope of the world.

External Studies

The external studies division is one of the most active with approximately 1,000 enrollments each year.  Basic ministerial training programs and continuing education for pastors are offered through the external division.  The studies are self-paced and cross denominational barriers by offering textbooks and research materials that are non-sectarian.  Courses can be completed through correspondence, directed home study, or independent research.

There is also a Representatives Department whose main purpose is the recruitment of new students.  Representatives assist prospective students through an academic evaluation to determine their level of entry.  The student is supervised through the enrollment process and the representative may serve as mentor to the student during studies.  Representatives must enroll at least five students per year to remain active.  Benefits include reduced tuition at International Seminary and a finders fee for referrals.

International Communications

This is an advertising, marketing, research and development division.  The mission statement for this division is found in Ephesians 4:29, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”

The International Ministerial Association

This ministerial association has approximately 350 ministers, 134 churches and a constituency of 48,248 church members.  Last year more than 8,341 souls were saved through the efforts of this division.  The association is open to all International Seminary graduates who may apply for mission worker, licensed minister, or ordained minister credentials.  Some members belong to mainline denominations, but the majority have no other affiliations.  The association’s three missions are found in Mark 16:15, Galatians 6:2, and Matthew 4:19.

The International Christian Church is a subdivision that provides a pastoral supply and referral service, basic training and continuing education opportunities, and benefits such as ecclesiastical endorsement for military, law enforcement, and industrial chaplains.

Satellite Class Division

The satellite class department offers the opportunity for qualified ministers to conduct Bible classes in their church settings, using curriculum from International Seminary.  Thousands of students have completed studies through hundreds of classes across the United States and around the world.

The diploma programs, Pr.Dip., Pr.Adv., and Th.G., are the foundation courses of the satellite class department.  Students can complete up to three years of Bible training covering basic doctrines, homiletics, the life of Christ, etc.  Graduates receive a Diploma of Practical Theology for the first year, a Diploma of Practical Theology Advanced Level for the second year, and a Graduate of Theology for the third year.  Students who desire to continue work toward a degree may do so directly with International Seminary through the External Studies Division.

There is also a Representatives Department whose main purpose is the recruitment of new satellite classes.  Representatives assist prospective class supervisors by presenting the satellite class model, and helping them to set up and begin their new class.  Benefits include a representative fee based on the class size, and income from the new class.