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General Information

The doctorate is awarded for completion of an advanced course of study culminating in a doctoral dissertation.  A bachelor and master degree from an approved college or seminary is required for acceptance into this program.  Acceptance is subject to approval by the admissions office.  The average time for completion of the doctorate is between two and five years, depending on the student’s pace, the degree major, and the time required to complete the dissertation.  Only “B” work and above will count toward the fulfillment of graduation requirements.



1. Verification of high school

2. Official transcripts (sent directly to International) reflecting an earned bachelor and master degree (from an approved college)

3. Official transcripts (sent directly to International) of all other studies.

4. Post-graduate courses may be transferred with the prior approval of the seminary.

5. A minimum of 30 hours must be earned with International Seminary (life- experience not applicable).

6. For language courses, the student must have access to an IBM compatible computer.


General requirements

A. Student Orientation  (RE 601) ……. (non credit)

B. Course work ………………………..40 semester hours

C. Dissertation ………………………… 20 semester hours

D. Oral defense of the dissertation.


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. degree represents the highest level of academic achievement.  The degree major must be in a religious field of study related to the student’s present or future ministry needs.  The 65 credit hour program of study includes two required courses, seven electives, the doctoral dissertation and the oral defense of the dissertation.  Degree requirements are completed in four separate steps:

1.  Required course work:

A. Student Orientation RE 601 (non credit)

B. Biblical Survey: Old Testament OT 610

C. Biblical Survey: New Testament NT 610

2.  Seven elective courses are chosen by the student.  Any post- graduate level course (600 series) that  relates to the program major may be chosen (with the approval of the faculty mentor)

3.  The Doctoral Dissertation (20 semester hours) RE 620, RE 621, RE 622

4.  Oral defense of the dissertation RE 690

Majors offered:

The Doctor of Philosophy degree is offered in four major fields of study – Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministry, and Religious Education.  Within any of these fields, the student can concentrate studies in many different areas.



Regular doctoral  programs – Current tuition cost – $2,895.00
Doctor of Philosophy program – Current tuition cost $3,095.00
For payment plan options, see our Tuition Payment Plan Form