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Diploma – Advanced Practical Theology

“Be Successful in Your Ministry”

Advanced Practical Theology …

The Diploma of Practical Theology – Advanced Level is awarded to those who successfully complete the 30
credit hour course titled “Be Successful In Your Ministry II.”

Prerequisites …

A high school diploma or the equivalent, and 30 earned, transferable, theological credits. Students without
a high school diploma may take the course for personal enrichment, without credit.

Tuition …

Current tuition cost – $1,095.00

For payment plan options, see our Tuition Payment Plan form


Below are the subjects covered.

BS 201 – Introduction to Old Testament
BS 202 – Introduction to New Testament
CH 201 – Survey of Church History
CP 210 – Introduction to Ethics
CC 201 – Christian Psychology
CD 201 – Introduction to Theology
CE 201 – Survey of Christian Education
MI 201 – Worship
PA 201 – Introduction to Pastoral Administration
CC 210 – Christian Counseling