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Dr. Omar Cabrera, Pastor, Vision of the Future Church, Argentina (world’s 2nd largest church with 140,000 members):
“For many years I thought about finishing my education, but it wasn’t until I learned of International that I knew I could complete the doctorate.  This will be used for the glory of God.”

James R. Oborne, Th.M., Associate Pastor, Chapel Hill Harvester Church, Georgia:
“My experience with International Seminary has been personally and spiritually beneficial.  For years, I had looked for a way to pursue additional educational training and to expand my scholastic status.  International Seminary’s policies made it possible.  The results of my experiences are immeasurable.”

Larry Meeks, Th.M., Assistant to the President, Evangel College, Missouri:
“More and more, ministers are realizing the need for advanced degrees.  International Seminary offers an educational strategy that is academically sound and feasible for anyone who desires to refine and improve his skills.”

Dr. Richard Heinrich, Pastor, Buffalo Run United Methodist Church, Pennsylvania:
“I commend the Seminary and its leaders for offering this alternative in education, and would recommend this program to all those who want to fulfill their credit and degree advancements.”
Dr. Toshio Hirose, Superintendent, Kansai District, Japan Assemblies of God: “For those planning on involving themselves in ministry, International Seminary is an important tool for training and preparation.  The greatest appeal in the system is the fact that, in addition to training in ministry, one can earn seminary credit.”

Samuel H. Boyd, Th.M., Pastor, Balls Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, Mississippi: “It was through the innovative teaching program of International that I received the Master of Theology degree, which was a long sought after scholastic achievement.”

Dr. Franklin Hunt, Pastor, Cedar Creek Church of God: “In addition to pastoring, I work with the CEPHAS Christian Counseling program, where my work and my degree are accepted by both the medical and psychological professionals that I work with.  I am thankful to International for giving me the opportunity to achieve my educational goals.”

Dr. Russell A. Adams, Pastor, Lakeview Baptist Church, California: “International Seminary opened avenues for me to continue my studies preparing me for the ministry, giving me opportunities to achieve goals at a modest cost.  I have sincerely appreciated the promptness, efficiency and dedication of all whom I have been in contact with at International.”

Dr. Patrick Donadio, Home Missions Representative for MAPS and RV Ministries, the Assemblies of God:  “International Seminary has proven to be a gratifying educational experience in my life.  In preparing for my Doctoral dissertation, new avenues of learning were opened.  For those who are interested in pursuing their education, I would recommend this school without equivocation.”

Dr. Aaron Munford, Pastor, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Florida: “As a working pastor with years of experience, I had almost given up the idea of credentials until I heard about International Seminary.  The faculty and staff worked with me patiently and personally.  Thanks International!”

Dr. Walt Spradling, Pastor, Crystal Rock Cathedral, Oklahoma: “International Seminary is unquestionably a valuable asset to the Kingdom of God the world over.  Its purpose in training ministers and lay-leaders as disciples for Christ is having a great impact upon literally tens of thousands both in America and in foreign lands.”

Dr. Clyde B. Wasdin, Pastor, Christ Cathedral, California: “Credibility in ministry begins with a firm Biblical foundation.  It is incumbent upon the aggressive minister of the Gospel to properly study to show himself approved of God.  International Seminary offers an excellent study program for the sincere minister.”

Dr. Bob Dennis, Pastor, Maranatha Baptist Church, North Carolina: “International Seminary was certainly a ‘Godsend.’  I felt the need to further my education, but I felt I could not afford the time away from my church.  Through extension classes, I was able to receive a quality education without neglect to my pastorate.  Without hesitation, I recommend International Seminary to anyone who may be looking for a quality education at an affordable price.”

Dr. Wes Weekly, Wes Weekly Missions, Florida: “I count it a privilege to be a graduate of International Seminary.  Through the years, I have had the opportunity to test my theological education and training among peoples of many nations and cultures, yet, in all cases, it has stood the test.  I can tell you from experience that the graduates of International are making an impact for Christ on every continent.”