Would your church benefit with an additional $10,000 in extra income?  By having a satellite class with 20
students, you can teach one night a week for eight months, and bring in $10,000 for your church.

   The satellite class department offers the opportunity for qualified ministers to conduct Bible classes in their
church settings, using curriculum from International Seminary.  Thousands of students have completed
studies in more than 120 classes across the United States and around the world.

   Be Successful In Your Ministry I, II, and III are the foundation courses of the satellite class department.  
Students can complete up to three years of Bible training covering basic doctrines, homiletics, the life of Christ,
etc.  Graduates receive a Diploma of Practical Theology for the first year, a Diploma of Practical Theology
Advanced Level for the second year, and a Graduate of Theology for the third year.  Students who desire to
continue work toward a degree may do so directly with International Seminary.

For an information packet, contact us at info@internationalseminary.com, or call us at 407 886-3619 and ask
for the satellite class department.
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