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International Seminary
"Go ye therefore and teach all nations"
Matthew 28:19
Dr. Daniel James Tyler
Mrs. Rebecca
Alumni Association Director
Rev. Tim Tyler
Director of External
Rev. Wendy Hoth
Satellite Class Director
Dr. Harvey Pittman`        
Academic Dean

Mrs. Joan Spering
Rev. Joyi Abraham, Professor.  B.A., Kerala Varma College; M.A., University of Kerala; M.A., Bethany
Nazarene College; B.Ph.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Charles Blake, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., Th.M., International Seminary.

Rev. Danny Boykin, Assistant Professor.  Th.B., Th.M.,  International Seminary.

Dr. Donald O. Brewer, Professor.  Th.B., International Seminary; M.S., Church of God School of Theology;
Th.D., Ph.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Kevin Brewer, Adjunct Faculty.  B.A., Ashland University.

Rev. Thomas Brown, Adjunct Faculty.  A.A., Christ For the Nations; B.A., M.A., Th.D., International Seminary.

Rev. William Butsko, Associate Professor.  A.S., Carnegie College; A.A., Lakeland Community College; B.S.,
Rollins College; M.Min., D.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Isaiah Campbell, Assistant Professor.  B.Th., University of Birmingham; M.S., Church of God School of
Theology; D.Min., International Seminary.

Rev. Al Capers, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., International Seminary.

Elder Luther Channey, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., Th.M., International Seminary.

Rev. Frank Clark, Instructor.  B.A., Southwest Texas State University; M.A., Webster University; Ph.D.
candidate, International Seminary.

Rev. Bob Couch, Instructor.  Th.B., M.A. Candidate, International Seminary,

Rev. Willie Davis, Assistant Professor.  B.S., Bethune-Cookman; Graduate Studies at Syracuse University and
Oswego State University; M.Min., International Seminary.

Rev. Carl Denson, Adjunct Faculty.  M.Min., B.Ph.D., Ph.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Moses Ekpebe, Adjunct Faculty.  B.S.,, M.B., Ch.B. (M.D.), University of Ife, Nigeria; D.Min., Golden
State School of Theology.

Rev. John Ekpo, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., Christian International College and Graduate School.

Rev. Hector Estrada, Instructor.  Th.B., International Seminary.

Rev. Gladstone Fairweather, Adjunct Faculty.  B.A., William Jewell College; M.A., Southern Illinois University;
M.H.A., University of Southern California; Th.M., D.Min.,  International Seminary.

Rev. Miriam Gonzalez, Instructor.  B.B.A., University of Puerto Rico.

Rev. Stan Gorman, Adjunct Faculty.  B.Min, M.Min, International Seminary.

Rev. Elizabeth Hairston, Associate Professor.  B.A., Jackson State University; M.Div., Methodist Theological
School, D.B.S., International Seminary.

Rev. Randy Jackson, Adjunct Faculty.  B.A. Eckerd College, M.Min.C.C., International Seminary.

Rev. Eugene Jenne, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., International Seminary.

Constance T. Johnson, Associate Professor.  B.A., University of Tennesee; M.Ln., Emory University; J.D.,
Mercer University.

Rev. Clarence Joyner, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., M.Min.C.C., Ph.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Joseph Kostelnik, Adjunct Faculty.  B.A., Point Park College; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary;
Th.D., D.Min., International Seminary; Ph.D. (pending), Columbia Pacific University.

Rev. Christine Long, Assistant Professor.  Th.B., M.A. Candidate, International Seminary.

Rev. Roy Manning, Instructor.  B.Min., International Seminary; M.A., International Seminary.

Rev. Eddie Marshall, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., Th.M., International Seminary.

Rev. William McGowan, Assistant Professor, S.T.B., S.T.L., Holy Trinity Seminary; Ph.D., International

Rev. Robert Miller, Associate Professor.  B.S., National College of Audiometry; Th.M., D.D., International

Rev. Fritz Musser, Adjunct Faculty.  B.A.

Rev. Michael Nangle, Instructor.  B.Min., M.R.Ed., Th.D., B.Ph.D., International Seminary.

Evangelist Nettie Patrick, Adjunct Faculty.  B.S., University of Minnesota; Th.M., Ph.D. Candidate,
International Seminary.

Rev. Margaret Payton, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., M.R.Ed., D.D., International Seminary.

Dr. Harvey Pittman, Academic Dean.  B.G.S., University of Nebraska; M.A., Wright State University; M.A.,
International Seminary; Ph.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Larry Romich, Adjunct Faculty.  B.A., East Carolina University; B.A., Southeaastern Baptist Theological

Dr. Willard L. Smith, Profesor.  B.S., Rollins College; M.A., Webster University; Ph.D., Northwestern
International University.

Rev. Walt Spradling, Adjunct Faculty.  B.Min., Th.M., Ph.D., International Seminary.

Rev. Michael Stewart, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., International Seminary.

Dr. Daniel J. Tyler, Professor.  B.R.Ed., International Seminary; B.S., Rollins College; M.A., Liberty Christian
College; D.Min., North Florida Baptist Seminary.

Rev. Timothy D. Tyler, Instructor.  Th.B. International Seminary.

Rev. J.B. Whitfield, Adjunct Faculty.  B.A. Methodist college.

Rev. Dave Wilcoxson, Adjunct Faculty.  A.A., Community College of the U.S. Air Force; A.S., Macon Jr.
College; Th.B., Th.M., International Seminary.

Rev. Paul Williams, Instructor.  B.A., Florida State University.

Rev. Jack Wilson, Adjunct Faculty.  Th.B., Th.M., International Seminary.
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