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  In 1970, five students gathered in a living room in Orlando, Florida, to begin studies under their local pastor,
my father, Rev. Glenn E. Tyler. The phenomenal success of International Seminary since that time, with more
than 18,000 alumni in 75 countries, cannot be explained as a plan of one man or a committee, but the will of
Almighty God. Literally millions of souls have been won to the Kingdom of God as a result of the efforts of
International Seminary graduates. Our mission to "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations..." is well underway.

  Several factors greatly influence the way in which the Seminary mission is accomplished. First of all, many
seminaries have simply failed to provide adequate training for ministers. One study indicates that 80 out of 100
seminary graduates quit the ministry within two years of graduation. Reasons cited for this high failure rate
include: 1) Unrealistic expectations, 2) Lack of practical ministry skills, 3) Inability to relate to the common,
uneducated man, and 4) A spirit of academic competition. The educational philosophy at International Seminary
is summarized in Romans 12 and Joshua 1:8, the "success verse."

  The second factor comes as a source of amazement and bewilderment to many intellectuals (I Corinthians
1:27). In studies of the largest and most successful churches, ministries, and para-church organizations, most
are pastored by ministers who did not attend seminary. In fact, many did not attend college, and some were
high school dropouts. At International Seminary, successful ministers can document and validate their learning
experiences and complete their earned degrees through a combination of transfer credits, experiential credits,
and courses taken at International.

  Finally, the resurgence of home study education as an acceptable option has not only influenced
International Seminary, but every other college in America in recent years. Every child is taught in elementary
school that the great American leader and president, Abraham Lincoln, was successful primarily because of his
home study practices. The National Home Study Council reports: "every major research project in the last 50
years has shown that home study students perform as well as, if not better than, resident trained students who
studied the same subjects." International Seminary offers continuing education opportunities through resident
studies, correspondence courses (diploma programs), and directed home study courses.

  Many years ago, my father had a dream that changed his life forever. He dreamed he was in a large field, and
in the center of the field was a deep pit thirty or forty yards across. The hole was so deep he could not see the
bottom. From all directions people began to walk across the field to the edge of the hole, where they would
blindly and silently fall out of sight into the darkness. Others were beginning to form a human hedge by joining
hands around the circle, but occasional openings still allowed people to pass through unblocked. Several
minutes passed and a voice speaking from behind him said, "Glenn, if you will take your place, you can help
stop this." Without hesitation he walked to the edge of the pit and joined hands with those on either side. He
then felt the pressure of a human soul against his back. Shortly after this dream, Rev. Dr. Glenn E. Tyler
entered the ministry as the founder of what is now called International Seminary.

  As you prayerfully consider continuing your education, I trust you will seek God's guidance and wisdom in
your choice of colleges. If God is speaking to you about pursuing your education, won't you join hands with us
as we fulfill the great commission to "Go Ye therefore and teach all nations...."


Dr. Daniel J. Tyler
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