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                                     Alumni in the News

I was reviewing how the Lord helped me pursue my educational goals and was mindful of the way the
Lord used the off-campus Th.M. program early in my pastoral career.  At the time, I was working in the
clinical laboratory on the 11-7 a.m. shift so I could minister on Sunday mornings and oversee evening
ministry meetings. International Seminary afforded me the opportunity to prepare for ministry, get a good
theological foundation focused on the Bible alone, and continue to support my family.  Thanks again for
an educational experience that has been ongoing now for over 30 years.

Pastor Steven Rowitt, Th.M, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Advisor
Creation Studies Institute
Senior Pastor & Director of Counseling
Biblical Alternatives Fellowship, Inc.

Dr. James "Jim" Burns, an alumnus of International Seminary (Th.M., D.Min., and  Ph.D.) was recently
promoted from Regional Director of the Great Lakes Region -Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and
Wisconsin - to Regions Director, overseeing all eight regions in the United States, Canada, South
America, Europe and Australia for the Federation of Fire Chaplains.  The Federation of Fire Chaplains is
a non-profit, membership organization setting the standard for fire chaplain training world-wide.

Thank you International Seminary for helping to equip me for my ministry.

Jim Burns


Congratulations to Dr. Emerson Kargbo on his recent promotion to Substantive Chief Police Officer of
Bonthe District Police Division of the Republic of Sierra Leone.  Dr. Kargbo sent us a message saying “I
am proud to be a graduate of International Seminary.  God bless you all, including Mrs. Glenn Tyler.”


We were recently notified by our graduate, Patricia Shankle, that a book published by her and her
husband Randy was used for an upcoming segment for the 700 Club.  The book, “The Protector, The
Randy Shankle Story” is an inspirational book about the true life events in her husbands life as a minister
and law enforcement officer.”


Congratulations to Donald Grondwalski for his book “Biblical Building Blocks.”  This book won an award in
the Christian Choice Book Awards.  Rev. Grondwalki stated, “I would like to say that my training from the
International Seminary was a major factor in my even attempting to write something.  Thank you and the


Congratulations to Rev. Donald Judd of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on his published book, “The Inheritance
of the Saints Through Christ.”  The book is available through many online resources or at