Accreditation is found only in the United States of America, as all other countries regulate colleges and
universities through government approval.  In the United States, accreditation is a voluntary process governed
by independent accrediting agencies that are either recognized by the federal government or not.  The license
to operate a college or university is regulated by the state government and is not considered accreditation.  
Each state has different guidelines concerning universities, seminaries, and Bible colleges.

Regional Accreditation

   There are six private corporations, referred to as agencies, that provide accreditation for universities within
certain regions of the country.  These agencies are recognized by the federal government and all colleges
accredited by them are listed in a publication produced by the Department of Education.

   Many excellent colleges and universities have chosen to become regionally accredited, while others of equal
standing and reputation have chosen, for Biblical or theological reasons, to remain non-regionally accredited.

Professional Accreditation

   Almost 100 different professional accrediting associations such as the American Dental Association, The
American Bar Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Home Study Council, have
been established to provide accreditation for a particular field of study or professional occupation.

   Obtaining a regionally or professionally accredited degree is not important to many of the ministers who
apply to International Seminary since most are in church-related occupations.  Those interested in military
chaplaincy, government-affiliated positions, or teaching positions in regionally-accredited colleges, are
concerned with regional accreditation.  These students have, in many cases, been accepted by virtue of
International Seminary's position in the academic community.  For example, military chaplains are required to
have a Master of Divinity degree or the equivalent, from a regionally accredited seminary, or from a seminary
whose credits and degrees are accepted by regionally-accredited colleges.  Since International Seminary's
credits have been accepted in regionally accredited colleges, a number of graduates have received
appointments as military chaplains.

Independent Accreditation

   Since accreditation is purely voluntary, and since all accrediting agencies are private corporations, a number
of agencies have formed to provide recognition in areas where regional or professional accreditation has left
gaps.  For instance, no college or seminary offering all three levels of instruction (bachelor, master, doctoral)
through home study, has ever been regionally or professionally accredited.

   International Seminary is a member of the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and
Theological Seminaries, in good standing since 1979.  This agency is not affiliated or recognized by the federal
government; however, acceptance by state agencies, church organizations, and businesses has been relatively
good.  Furthermore, the Commission has never received a formal complaint against International Seminary.

   International Seminary is also listed in the Directory of Postsecondary Institutions produced by the
Postsecondary Education Statistics Division, National Center for Education Statistics (1989-90), U.S.
Department of Education (volume 1, page 92).

State Accreditation

   The term "state accreditation" is a misnomer, as states do not provide accreditation for colleges or


   Accreditation is basically an organized way of determining the acceptance of credits or degrees from any
particular institution.  Credits and degrees from International Seminary have been accepted in virtually every
aspect of the Gospel ministry.  Academic recognition is a continual process and the administration, faculty and
staff of International Seminary have a commitment to provide the highest quality standards of education without
compromise to the Biblical and theological philosophies of Christianity.  
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